Powerful Features

Our features blow the competition away.

Free Licensing

You're able to license unlimited tokens, your application can receive and delegate actions up to 10,000 times per month.

OpenAuth offers a free-to-use service, that enables you to license unlimited users, for up to 10000 authentication requests per month.

Customization and Versioning API

Using our versioning features, you're able to set the current version of your application. If there is no version, or the version is not what your auth is expecting, then the request can be ignored.

Your application is yours. OpenAuth help you keep it that way, we allow you to customize the response bodies that OpenAuth sends upon a successful authentication! Our API also allows you to set Versions, File Signatures, and Build IDs so your application is always the latest, as you choose!

Versatile login methods

You're able to choose to use OpenAuth in user-mode or token-mode. When using user-mode, users are able to register accounts to use logins for username and passwords. This allow means they can have one OpenAuth account for all of your products if you have more than one app. OpenAuth also integrates seemlessly into XerForo, so you're able to install our plugin, and essentially manage everything from the forum itself. Pseudo Access also allows you to do a variety of actions from your own website with our endpoint API to do actions from your site to OpenAuth.

Users can access your application with almost any method you choose to allow. From license tokens, user accounts, all the way to a custom Xenforo plugin forum software integration, or our pseudo access feature, so you can manage and edit from your own domain!

Redefined security

OpenAuth offers you peace of mind when using it, because it is one of the most secure authentication platforms available currently to regular consumers. You can also rest easy knowing that using OpenAuth, vs a self-production authentication does not make your application less secure. After all your implementation of OpenAuth into your app will determine how secure your app is. View our examples to help you ensure your applications are safely tuned. You can also have access to consulting, and development options from Synthesis to professinalkly implement it for you.

Your apps are always secure when using OpenAuth. Our platform does not make it easier to crack your applications, that isn't how OpenAuth works. Any authentication is only as secure as you make your application.

Token Management

Easily manage your tokens and users in almost every way. You're able to activate tokens again after they've expired, change the access class, the bound HWID, the bound IP, and more! They are also only viewable by your team members, and securely stored in their own unique database.

Your unique tokens are safely stored away and only modifiable by you, or your trusted team members.

Competitive Rates

OpenAuth offers a free tier for all applications! There is also a Lite tier for $5.99 USD/mo. OpenAuth also offers OpenAuth premium, which includes all services for $12.99/mo.

OpenAuth premium, an optional subscription, costs a competitive $12.99 for our recurring membership, for teams of all sizes!

Collaborators and teams

You and your management team members are able to access the OpenAuth dashboard and make changes to users, app, or access rules & responses. There are four tiers of permissions, and you're able to redesignate owners, and remove members.

Allow members of your teams collaberate and manage your application, with four different permission levels and abilities.

Total Control

You're in control.

OpenAuth puts you in control of your applications, for free, without hosting requirements, or complex overwhelming documentation.

Adaptive Development

OpenAuth is always changing and improving, to bring you even more versatile features. Do you have special requests for your authentication? Contact us and we'll do our best to make that possible!

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